All Things During the Pandemic

This is a one-page resource for everyone. This page will be updated frequently.

Weekly Sunday Bulletins

On Staying Connected Virtually

Online Engagement Channels -- on YouTube Live Streaming, Slack, Google Calendar, and Google Meet

On In-person Church Participation

Phase 1 Plan -- starting August 2, 2020:

    • Worship Service at 9:30AM (Indoors in the Fellowship Hall)

    • Adult and youth Sunday School classes at 11AM (outdoors on the church grounds)

All in-person attendance requires registration. There are two forms:

  1. One-time Church In-person Participation Registration. This is a one-time only registration. We will need you to enter a valid email address to allow you to open Google document.

  2. Ongoing Sunday Service Registration Spreadsheet. On all subsequent Sundays you will simply enter your name directly on this google spreadsheet. You will not have access to this sheet until you have filled out Church In-person Participation Registration.

Project Loving Actions -- Mission Accomplished 2020.06.30

Project Loving Actions has collected over $80K in monetary and PPE donations. The project has distributed a vast quantity of masks, wipes, disinfectants, and disposable gowns to area nursing homes, first responders, prison, etc. In addition, surgical masks in packages of 10 are continuing to be distributed to our communities.