UrbanPromise Banquet

UrbanPromise is a private Christian school serving the urban Wilmington Delaware community. One child at a time, the school transforms the students academically and socially. Every success story not just impacts the life of the student but also impacts the family and the community the student belongs to. UrbanPromise is a school worth our investment.

UrbanPromise is a private school. Most private schools in Delaware charge a tuition of $20k - $30k per year. How much does UrbanPromise charge each student? About $400-$500 per year. The rest must come from donors who believe in the cause.

The annual fundraiser banquet is a huge deal for UrbanPromise. Almost 700 people attended the event in 2019 and raised $150,000 towards the annual budget of $2M. This year the event will be virtual. Nonetheless, it is important to drive the UrbanPromise mission. WCEC is asking for its members' support through donations and through participation in this year's virtual fundraiser banquet.