Connect to the Community

We can connect to our community by inviting them in -- or we can go out to them. The following are some of the venues where we have lend our support.


Local Community Support

The mission of UrbanPromise Wilmington is to equip children and young adults through Christ with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, personal growth and servant leadership. UrbanPromise operates a school for K-12, after school camps, and summer camps.

Coordinator: Wendy B.

A few times a year, our children, youth, and parents go and join their food sorting and packing activities.

Coordinator: Chinglie F.

Our church cooks a dinner one Saturday per month for an estimated crowd of 85.

Coordinator: Weihaw L.

Short-term Mission in the USA

Reach has consistently provided our church youth with workcamp opportunities to grow them spiritually, mentally, and physically -- all with a hammer or a paintbrush in hand!

We had built handicap ramps, repaired porches and bathrooms, replaced entire roofs, and painted numerous interior and exterior of houses. Locations we had done include: Albany, NY (2015), Scottsdale, PA (2016), Brownsville, PA (2017), Uniontown, PA (2019)

Another provider of youth work camp opportunities. The last ones we supported with our sweat equity were Philadelphia, PA in 2016 and Wilmington, DE in 2018.

Our church will be one of the two churches sponsoring Workcamp Wilmington in the summer of 2020.

Coordinator: Daniel Godsave

Project Brotherly Love

PBL is a joint church program located in the city of Philadelphia. Over the course of 5 days, high school aged campers stay over in the city and participate in community service activities during the day and enjoy sweet times of fellowship in the evenings. The program introduces youth to the significance of what it means to serve our community as Christians and also works to strengthen their confidence with sharing the gospel with nonbelievers.

Short-term Mission in Other Countries


Americans Dedicated to Voluntary English Teaching in Taiwan. Almost every year we will send some youth and adult to teach English in Taiwan. The experience is certainly about much more than just teaching English!