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Fusion Cuisine — for the non-purist gourmet, this term conjures up a mouth watering plethora of novel combinations from all of the earth’s old world cuisines. And Asian Fusion, in particular, trumps all others in this fastest growing genre of the contemporary American diet.

Asian Fusion finds also its expressions in our church. The very definition of an English-speaking congregation in a church founded by a handful of devout Chinese immigrants draws a mixture of people. Some are first, second, and third generation Asian Americans who may be fluent or may stutter in their parents’ mother tongues. Some are non-Asian Americans who are interested in expressions of the Christian faith in an Asian-American setting. And there are those who crossed racial lines with their choice of marriage partners. We embrace the American Melting Pot and welcome all racial and ethnic backgrounds!

On a typical Sunday we strive for a blended worship -- contemporary with a touch of the traditional. And every Sunday the program ends with a Chinese home-cooked lunch with the entire church!

Where to Find Us

Except noted otherwise, most events are held at the church. If it is held at a private home, please contact the church office for their locations.

Event Announcements

There are three places you can get a heads-up about any upcoming events or gatherings.

  1. WCECEM_Events_Calendar

  2. Event Listings Page

  3. Our Facebook page. Facebook account is absolutely not required to access the content.

Forms and Online Registrations

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  4. Church phone number: (302) 239-4900 Fax: (302) 239-9094

Sunday Bulletins

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Adult Program

Want to join an eclectic group of varying age, backgrounds, professions, and interests? Whether we are seasoned Christ followers or newbies in the awareness of the need for a spiritual community, we've bonded over Sunday morning coffee and Saturday evening potlucks.

Unique among most churches, we have a Cross-Cultural Couples Fellowship. Please check us out!

    • Sunday Worship Service

      • Time: Sunday 9:30AM

      • Location: The Green Chapel on the 2nd floor of the new West Wing. Rooms W201-203.

    • Sunday School

      • Time: Sunday 11AM

      • Location: The new kitchen lounge on the first floor of the new west wing.

    • Lunch

      • Time: 12:15AM

      • Location: large fellowship hall on the 1st floor of the east wing.

    • Cross-Cultural-Couples Fellowship

      • Saturday 6-9pm once a month at a private home.

    • Weekday Evening Bible Study

      • Tuesday 7-8:30pm twice a month at a private home.

    • Young Adult Fellowship

      • Sunday 6-9pm once a month at a private home.

Youth Program

WCEC Youth ministry has been around since the beginning of the church’s inception in 1981. Since then we have grown into a group of around 50 youth between grades 7th through 12th. In 2017, we moved into the church’s new building. We even have our own Youth Rec Room complete with a pool table, ping pong table, game console, and couches. Several events take place throughout the year including a winter youth Retreat and local and international mission trips.

Being a church made up mostly of Chinese immigrants, our youth group is primarily made up of 2nd and 3rd generation Chinese American students. But all youth grades 7th through 12th are welcome to join. Regardless of where you grew up or what you believe, we hope you will check us out.

Friday Night Youth Group is a weekly hangout night of games, worship/music, fellowship and a lesson with small groups. It’s a place you can completely relax for two hours and be yourself. Show up early to meet the praise team and other leaders or get a quick game of pool in. Stay later to enjoy some snacks and hang out with friends in the youth room playing one on one ping pong followed by a game of super smash bro. There’s a lot to enjoy at FNYG. We have fun, we foster healthy relationships, and we learn about Jesus.

Every Sunday our church meets for English Ministry Service at 9:30 am followed by Sunday School classes. Check our calendar for any changes.

Youth Sunday school is broken up into three classes (see above for locations). Each class is tailored to the age range. 7th and 8th grades tend to include more games, snacks and interactive activities. 9th and 10th grades begin to go deeper into discussion and bible study. 11th and 12th grades will be much deeper in discussion and application of faith. Sunday school is an opportunity for youth to discuss their faith and the bible on a deeper level. It’s a place to ask genuine and respectable questions and get honest answers. We hope you join us!

    • Friday night youth group

      • Time: Friday 7:30 to 9:30 pm

      • Location: The Green Chapel on the 2nd floor of the West Wing. Rooms W201-203

    • Sunday Worship Service

      • Time: Sunday 9:30AM

      • Location: The Green Chapel on the 2nd floor of the new West Wing. Rooms W201-203.

    • Sunday School

      • Time: Sunday 11AM

      • Separate classes for 7th-8th graders, 9th-10th graders, and 11th-12th graders

      • Location: Various classrooms on the 2nd floor of the new wing.

      • Youth Sunday School:

      • Location for 11th-12th graders: W203 (chapel)

      • Location for 9th-10th graders: "Old choir room" (main building, 2nd floor)

      • Location for 7th-8th graders: W204 (choir room)

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Children's Program

Since its fouding, our church has always operated a children's Sunday school. In 1998, the church opened a local chapter of the worldwide AWANA ministry.

Our children's program serves babies and children up to 6th grade. It is staffed with a children's ministry director, a children's ministry deacon, 12 Sunday school teachers, 24 trained AWANA adult leaders, and many many more to run the annual summer VBS, usually held on the 3rd week of July. We have a regular attendance of 70 children in our weekly programs.

Our church has a beautiful nursery for the really little ones. Come see for yourself!

    • Friday night AWANA

      • Time: Friday 7:30 to 9:30 pm

      • Location: The fellowship hall in the East Wing

    • Sunday Children's Worship Service

      • Time: Sunday 9:30AM

      • Location: Children's Center below the fellowship hall.

    • Sunday Children's Choir Rehearsals

      • Time: Sunday 10:35-11:15AM

      • Location: Children's Center Rm 101 for 3-6th graders

      • Location: Children's Center Rm 102 for PreK-2nd graders

    • Sunday Children's Sunday School

      • Time: Sunday 11:20-12:20AM

        • Location: Various classrooms in the Children's Center below the fellowship hall.

Info Packets and Release Forms

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