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Fusion Cuisine — for the non-purist gourmet, this term conjures up a mouth watering plethora of novel combinations from all of the earth’s old world cuisines. And Asian Fusion, in particular, trumps all others in this fastest growing genre of the contemporary American diet.

Asian Fusion finds also its expressions in our church. The very definition of an English-speaking congregation in a church founded by a handful of devout Chinese immigrants draws a mixture of people. Some are first, second, and third generation Asian Americans who may be fluent or may stutter in their parents’ mother tongues. Some are non-Asian Americans who are interested in expressions of the Christian faith in an Asian-American setting. And there are those who crossed racial lines with their choice of marriage partners. We embrace the American Melting Pot and welcome all racial and ethnic backgrounds!

On a typical Sunday we strive for a blended worship -- contemporary with a touch of the traditional. And every Sunday the program ends with a Chinese home-cooked lunch with the entire church!

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