Adults at WCEC

Adult Program

Want to join an eclectic group of varying age, backgrounds, professions, and interests? Whether we are seasoned Christ followers or newbies in the awareness of the need for a spiritual community, we've bonded over Sunday morning coffee and Saturday evening potlucks.

Unique among most churches, we have a Cross-Cultural Couples Fellowship. Please check us out!

    • Sunday Worship Service

      • Time: Sunday 9:30AM

      • Location: The Green Chapel on the 2nd floor of the new West Wing. Rooms W201-203.

    • Sunday School

      • Time: Sunday 11AM

      • Meeting online at present. See calendar listing

    • Lunch

      • Time: 12:15AM

      • Location: large fellowship hall on the 1st floor of the east wing.

    • Cross-Cultural-Couples Fellowship

      • Saturday 6-9pm once a month at a private home.

    • Weekday Evening Bible Study

      • Tuesday 7-8:30pm twice a month at a private home.

    • Young Adult Fellowship

      • Sunday 6-9pm once a month at a private home.