Sunday Services

This is a one-page resource for everyone. This page will be updated frequently.

Weekly Sunday Bulletins

Current Mask Wearing Policy

Updated 2021.08

  1. Outdoors: Masks are optional.

  2. Indoors: We ask that everybody, regardless of his/her vaccination status, wears a mask indoors for the benefit of others. We are deeply grateful for everybody's understanding and compliance.

In-person Church Participation

All in-person attendance requires registration. There are TWO OPTIONS to register:

  1. Church In-person Participation Registration. Please enter your information on this form EVERY WEEK unless you choose to use Option 2.

  2. Ongoing Sunday Service Registration Spreadsheet. Feel free to continue to enter your name directly on this spreadsheet if you had attended WCEC EM services from August 2020 through April 2021.

Staying Connected Virtually

YouTube Live Stream on Sundays -- Our Sunday services, unless otherwise noted in the church bulletin above, goes live on YouTube at 9:30AM.

Please check the bulletin above for accessing virtual events for adult and youth.

Online Engagement Channels -- Slack, Google Calendar, and Google Meet.